DEERFIELD PLACE Assisted Living - 15 State Street, Deerfield WI
Deerfield Place Assisted Living was founded in 2011 through the passion and dedication of founding member Nikol Gerou. As a Registered Nurse working in the community, I had the pleasure of visiting many Assisted Living facilities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Illinois. It quickly became my goal to open and run a small Assisted Living that would be able to provide superior care and staffing ratio's, home made menus based off my love for cooking, robust activities, and well,  quite frankly,  the best place for our seniors to live. I am extremely proud of everything Deerfield Place Assisted Living has to offer and take pride in all we have to offer.

Deerfield Place Assisted Living is proud to have Casey M., LPN, on staff full time for all resident, family, and staff Monday thru Friday business hours. Casey brings has worked in all aspects of Assisted Living from CNA, HUC, LPN and Administrative Assistant. Casey brings compassion and her own zest to life at Deerfield Place Assisted Living.

Lastly, though certainly not of least importance, Deerfield Place Assisted Living has long term employees who continue to provide the most personalized and compassionate care to you or your loved one.

It is our distinct pleasure to serve our residents, families, staff and local community. We look forward to meeting you during your next visit. 

Please feel free to email, call or stop in for a tour today!

Deerfield Place Assisted Living
15 State Street
Deerfield WI 53531

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